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With today's economy, many families may not be financially able to pay for services up front, or may have limited resources.  More often, families are relying on life insurance benefits to pay for these services.  Unfortunately, it can take several weeks or even months for the insurance underwriter to pay the claim to the beneficiary or the funeral home when taking an assignment.  Additionally, the average interest rate for using a credit card to pay for these services would be 12 - 18% and higher.


Funeral Funding of Michigan, Inc., can help.  We are the fastest growing insurance reassignment company in America.  We work with funeral homes and cemeteries throughout the country with one simple goal - to provide the most efficient and professional factoring service available.  Our representatives are knowledgeable, caring people who understand the insurance reassignment business and can provide your cemetery or funeral home with an effective resolution for families with limited capital.  See the testimony at the bottom of this page.



Just a few of the benefits you'll enjoy by using our services:


Additionally, Funeral Funding of Michigan can begin processing your assignment with as little as one faxed document.  Our forms are user-friendly, easy to understand and complete and are available here for downloading.  We work with over 500 insurance companies and have hundreds of claim forms available to fax to you as needed.


If you're tired of waiting weeks or even months for your money, let Funeral Funding of Michigan show you how easy it is to obtain immediate cash for life insurance assignments the same day.  No hassles, no waiting. 


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"Having served our community for 107 years (family owned and operated completely) it was a joy to learn of Funeral Funding of Michigan five years ago.  At first skeptical about what would happen and the services rendered, in our very first meeting (funding) we were greatly impressed.  It seems now that we are almost dependent upon this service. The staff has always presented themselves as friendly, concerned and caring. They are more than willing to go the extra mile to satisfy each customer.

"This year alone, our establishment has been presented with the death of our former owner and also a relative.  It has been a task to be on both sides of the table in those two cases.  Not having been in this position before, it made a difference that Funeral Funding of Michigan took time out to care about the passing of these two "relatives" and showed that they were more than just a colleague, but also a friend."

Dr. C. Allen Cusack, III

Manager - Arthur Mack Funeral Home, Inc., Deland, FL




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